Syrianska FC 1 : 3 Dalkurd FF (Abandoned)


The Superettan match between Syrianska FC and Dalkurd FF was abandoned after 68 minutes because of crowd trouble with the score at 1:3.

The Superettan game between Syrianska and Dalkurd was abandoned due to crowd trouble.

A fan on the home terrace threw a banger (a flare that explodes) at Dalkurd’s attacker Richard Yarsuvat, who was taken to hospital for treatment resulting in the game being abandoned.

Another Dalkurd player was treated after the game for damage to his hearing.

The match officials didn’t feel safe to continue the match and decided it was best that the game be stopped after consultation with the managers of both teams, who were in agreement.

The decision was made after a 20 minute long meeting in which the match officials, representative from both teams and the police all attended. The police emptied Syrianska’s where the flare was thrown from upon which the stewards then came under attack.

Home fans attacking their own stewards. Where have we seen that before? *cough* London Stadium *cough*

Syrianska’s coach Sharbel Touma said “This does not belong in the sport. I do not understand how such fans think. I’m lost for words.” Touma also tried to calm the home fans down to stop further trouble but without much success.

Dalkurd were leading 3-1 when the match was abandoned in the 68th minute and it is unclear what the football authorities will do in relation to the result.

One option could be to replay the remaining 22 minutes but the most likely option will be to use the score as the final result as it was the home team, the team losing, who caused the match to be abandoned.

Dalkurd’s coach Andreas Brännström said “We’re at our wits end. It’s not just a shame for us or Syrianska. It’s sad for everyone.”

The Swedish Football Association Disciplinary Board will make a decision on what penalties will be incurred by the home side.

A Situation ‘Flared’ Up

It seems flares are a common part of terrace culture in Swedish football and football around Europe.

You can clearly see how they can be used responsibly to create atmosphere but like all big groups of people, it only takes one or two mindless morons to spoil the fun for everyone.

Helsingborg had their terrace celebration without injury as they have also done during countless games.

As the old saying goes, flares are not dangerous. It’s the moron throwing them that is the dangerous part.

Brief History

Syrianska FC is a Swedish football team based in Södertälje, Stockholm County. The club was in 1977 by Syriac Orthodox Aramean immigrants. The Syriac (Aramean) people do not have an official national team, and Syrianska is often viewed as its substitute.

Dalkurd FF is a Swedish football team based in Borlänge, Darlarna County. The club was founded in 2004 by Kurdish immigrants.