Getting My Second Wind


You may have noticed that over the past few weeks, I’ve been not been writing articles on The Expat Eagle website much. In fact, for the past month, I have only been posting match opinion pieces which are mainly made up of statistics.

The reason? I am not sure, to be honest.

Why I Started The Expat Eagle

When I started this website and associated podcast & YouTube channel it was off the back of our cup final run. I’d been contributing a shed load of opinion pieces to places like Facebook groups, HOL, BBS and other sites. These were always in the form of posts or discussion threads but they turned out to be sizable pieces of text.

I decided, in the summer of 2016, that I would be better off writing them on a website of my own rather than gifting them to other people.

One year ago I found that most of my views were very much in the minority and I didn’t understand why some people were blind to a few things. Over the 12 months up to the appointment of Frank de Boer people have been slowly changing their opinion or feeling that they can express it.

I Am Not Better Than Any Other Fan

There is a misconception among some Palace fans that we who go to the effort of making an internet presence are either “middle-class Nigels”, think we are better than other fans or worse. This is not the case where I am concerned and to be fair I don’t see that in the vast majority of other sites, podcasts and YouTube channels either.

This is not the case where I am concerned and to be fair I don’t see that in the vast majority of other Palace sites, podcasts and YouTube channels either.

Speaking for myself, all I am doing is offering my opinion. I don’t claim it is better than yours or more informed than yours and I don’t claim to be a better fan than you are. If you think that it speaks more about you than me.

I simply have created a platform in which to air my views. End of.

There is nothing I dislike more than when discussing Palace with someone that they roll out how long they’ve supported the club for, usually it is less than how long I’ve supported them.

Another thing is I dislike is when people see I live in Sweden and assume I’ve rarely set foot inside Selhurst Park.

I like to think I don’t make these type of assumptions when I talk to Palace fans who live in England or abroad. Naturally, if I encounter a fan who is in their late teens or early twenties it is safe to say they aren’t as battle-scarred as I am but that doesn’t make me a better fan.

The Reason Why I’ve Been Quiet Recently

To be honest, it’s because pretty much everyone is saying the same things at the moment. The opinions I have seem to have become mainstream and I thought there wasn’t a lot of point writing articles telling people what they already think.

Be it the criticism of Parish, the players, lack of spirit, lack of transfer funds, the Mickey Mouse way the club is being run, lack of improvement in infrastructure after 5 years in the Premier League, etc., etc.

People are either finding their voice, feeling that they can express it or are waking up to these facts.

I don’t take any comfort from being proved correct but I do take comfort from that maybe because people like myself have been vocal that other’s have felt they can air their views.

A lot of fans like to jump on other fans who have a different opinion and these people tend to be the ones who support the hierarchy, just like in other walks of life. Stamping on dissenting voices and those of people who are unhappy.


Naturally, being publically vocal about the failings at the club opens me up to criticism. I accept that.

One person told me that my site is “a load of incoherent articles that go from one topic to another!” – I informed him that is precisely what a blog is! This is a blog of my views, memories and comments, it isn’t a news site.

Another person told me that because I am able to string a few sentences together using correct grammar that I am a “Palace fan who thinks they are entitled and better than the rest of us!” – Erm… No! Just because I’ve taught myself to write without coming across as an imbecile that doesn’t mean I view myself as entitled!

I got the impression that in order to stay true to my working-class background that I should be writing in text speak and the like.

I am well aware that to put myself ‘out there’ that I am opening myself up for criticism but it should be justifiable rather than a few sour people who want to put other people down because they don’t have the intelligence to learn how to set up a website themselves. Maybe their knuckles are still sore from dragging along the ground?

All in all, I don’t get why people want to criticise someone, anyone, for trying to do something and contributing to the Palace family, however lacking my attempts might be.

When we criticise Palace it is because we care and we want things to improve. It doesn’t make us feel better when we are proved correct.

People who criticise us who give up their time to produce content for other people to (hopefully) enjoy is just a lame attempt to make themselves feel better by putting someone else down.