British Passports To Go Back To Blue

Britian to ditch the EU style burgundy passport


From March 2019 British Passports will revert to their traditional colour, midnight blue after they have left the European Union. Remoaners are livid.

British Passports will return to the traditional ‘midnight blue’ colour when they leave the European Union on March 28th, 2019.

Immigration Minister Brandon Lewis told The Sun: “One of the most iconic things about being British is having a British passport.”

From the first day of Brexit on March 29, 2019, burgundy-coloured new passports will still be issued, but no longer with any EU insignia on them. Five months later in October, when the current passport manufacturers’ contract expires, all new British passports will be issued in the dark blue colour that was once famous across the globe.

Currently, British citizens can only apply for a new passport once their 10-year long current one expires but in a special dispensation, any British citizen will be able to request to a new blue passport even if their old burgundy ones have many years left to run.

Revealing the decision, Mr Lewis told The Sun: “I recognise that for many people who voted in that referendum, they want to see things that are different. One of the most iconic things about being British is having a British passport. So from the first day we leave, new passports will look different and within five months they will be very different because they will be dark blue again.”

The cabinet minister added: “We wanted to return to the dark blue passport because we recognise the string attachment people had to it”.

My View

It can only be a good thing that we ditch the awful European passport and return to the traditional one which has been part British life since it was introduced in 1920.

Irrespective of if we are in the European Union or not we should have a passport that reflects the national identity and is in line with our traditions and not something that reflects another culture or tradition.

Remoaners claim the European Union didn’t force the UK to adopt the Burgundy colour but this is clearly wrong! Will these people stop at nothing when it comes to telling lies to support their cause?

In 1981, eight years after the UK joined the then EEC, Brussels demanded all member states should have a “European” passport within four years. Britain resisted strongly until 1988 and we were the last of the then member nations to change to a burgundy passport.

Currently, Croatia is the only country to not have a burgundy passport.