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Say What You See!

Languages evolve over time & so do people's sensibilities. It seems that today people are more sensitive to being accurately described than being insulted.

Is Nude Photography Art or Porn?

Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram have banned pictures that display nipples. Other sites, such as Tumblr and Twitter don't censor pictures at all but Pintrest draws the line at images they consider to be porn. So where should…

Appreciation Is Worth More Than Money

On June 1st 1995 Alan Wilder left Depeche Mode. During his press conference he stated: "Since joining in 1982, I have continually striven to give total energy, enthusiasm and commitment to the furthering of the group's success and in spite…

Being A Train Driver In A Nutshell!

Last week angry Thameslink passengers complained about the route's new train operator, which in turn has admitted to a deteriorating service. Faced with near-daily delays, driver unavailability and old trains, passengers have criticised…