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Coney island rides
Let me add here some ride names of Coney island which I will enjoy and would like to know your views about them. 
Thunderbolt (1925 roller coaster)
Switchback Railway
Dante's Inferno (ride)
Loop the Loop (Coney Island)
Coney Island Raceway
Flip Flap Railway
have you ever enjoyed any of them?

What say about tours from nyc to niagara falls?
I am glad after comes to know about rids of Coney Island from your side. Frankly speaking, this island is untouched for me through you, I hear this island name and ride names which I really like. I am the adventure lover that's why love to explore those places which offer to enjoy adventures things. I think these rides are best to for enjoying the adventures things there so I will go there.
Triana, I am going to say that you have shared really a nice list of the rides here which are best to visit in Coney island to have a fun time with family or friends. I liked all of these names and would like to know about the ticket pricing of these rides as well as entrance pricing of Coney island too. Must share them in details here.
Travel brings power and love back into your life.
There is no doubt Coney Island is the best island for enjoying the fun with my family members and enjoying the adventure rides there. According to my experience and point of view, this island is the perfect place for enjoying the vacations. So I recommend the traveling freak should explore this island and enjoy their travel time there.

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