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all the members of this community. I am really happy after joining this community. Let me tell you that my name is Julius and I live in the region of the USA that region name is Boston. I joined this community because my friend recommends me and said that in this community you will enjoy the fun and also get lots of information about those things which you want to get. So that's why I join it.
Hello, Julius, It is really good to know that you are a new member of this community. My name is Aabish Jane and being a member of this community, I would like to say you welcome here. I am hopeful that you are going to spend really a good time here. What do you like to talk here about your hometown and favorite topics for discussion?

I had a great experience of golden west tours
It is my goodness, you reply to me and say welcome to me in this community in such a nice way. I am really happy after seeing you here because you seem also a new member of this community. By the way, Boston is my home town which totally filled with admirable things and places which travelers love to explore. If you asked me about the favorite topics for discussion? Then those topics are traveling, nature beauty and history.
Julius, I am glad to know that you liked my welcome post and shared about yourself here. Boston is really the best city and has many attractive places for tourists to try out. Travel is a mutual hobby between both of us as I also like to go for seeing the stunning places in the world to have a fun time.
Yeah, there is no doubt there are large numbers of attractive places in Boston which travelers love to visit there. However, I am nice to know that traveling is a mutual hobby between us and you want to talk about this. Let me share with you those places names here which I love to visit around the world for having fun.
and many more. What about you?
Julius would like to say that nice place names you have mentioned here. I like all a lot and would like to talk about Turkey. This is a spot which about likes to have fun ahead in the next days. I really want to enjoy the views of this great place by Bosphorus bridge. I am quite excited about this and like to know what do yous ay about this?
Good to know that in the next days you will take the trip to Turkey and excited to enjoy the charming views of the Bosphorus bridge there. I am going to say that your excitement regarding this tour is right because Turkey is a wonderful place to visit. At night time, you can enjoy incredible views of the Bosphorus bridge as well as Turkey from it. So move ahead and enjoy your travel time there.
I am gonna say that you have suggested me good activities to enjoy from Bosphorus bridge. it's really meaningful for me I am sure and love to have a blast of fun with some of my friends as soon a possible. Anyhow, let me know have you ever experienced these things personally? if yes then share some safety tips as well.
Triana! I would like to say that it is my goodness you like my shared stuff and this stuff will prove useful for you. There is no doubt this thing will give you a lot of incredible memories and you also enjoy the great art of fun there. If I talk about myself than I had enjoyed all of these things there personally one time, which made my trip awesome for me. For this trip, I suggest you should take your camera, water bottle, some eating things etc.

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