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Hello all
Big Grin 
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQd9Q4kwCLMYNNtNZqaRXN...sDiPNe0BJf]
This is me guys Triana from Canada. This is my first experience to join any board and would like to talk about here my travel stories with all of you. I am so sure here will get a chance to know about other views about my passion.
Hello, Triana, It is good to see that you are a new member of this community. My name is Aabish and being a member of this board, I would like to say you a warm
[Image: Welcome-White_on_Blue-welcome.jpg]
here. I am also a big lover of traveling and hope so it will be a good time for us to exchange information here and make time fully adorable for us.
Hello, Triana! Like the above members, I also want to say
[Image: 6246222_stock-vector-white-paper-banner-...nfetti.jpg]
to you, being a member of this community. I am sure you will enjoy having fun with all of us and learn lots of things from it. By the way, would you like to share here about yourself here? I mean to say that why you join this community and which are your favorite hobbies?
Julius, It is good to know that you liked to say welcome to Triana on this board. I am hopeful that she will have a good time here. By the way, what do you like to talk here about your hobbies? I am just back after taking golden west tours and had a tremendous time on this cause I am a huge fan of traveling. What's about you?
Happy to see you here all. I am quite sure now will spend a good time with you cause you are all talking about passions. So listen I have a great interest in
Art and Craft
History and also a great nature lover. I love to use my free time by enjoying thee things. I must say that Traveling is something great option for me always.
Glad to hear that you are happy after seeing here and sure that you will spend a nice time in this community. However, I would like to say that your interesting things are really nice which you like to enjoy in your spare time. Frankly speaking, all of these are our mutual hobbies except Art and Craft. Would you like to share something about Art and Craft?
Art and Craft is a great thing to describe your feeling. This is a lovely trick to stay busy in your own life and learn something new. I love this for decorating my house and would love to know have you interested in this passion? I am looking for your quick reply.
No doubt Art and Craft is a great thing for learning things and making free time interesting. I also like this thing but it's not my passion. However, would you like to share here some shots of your Art and Craft work here?

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