Does Anyone Really Understand What Equality Means?

The Richard Keys and Sian Massey-Ellos sexism row has reared it’s ugly head again recently and while part of me wants to join in with the outraged liberals I honestly think it is a load of twaddle!

What Happened (Abridged)

For those of you who don’t know or don’t remember, in January 2011, before a Premier League match between Wolves and Liverpool, Richard Keys noticed there was a female assistant referee. Keys turned to colleague Andy Gray and said: “Somebody better get down there and explain offside to her.”

Gray replied: “Can you believe that? A female linesman. That’s exactly why I was saying; women don’t know the offside rule.”

Keys then said: “Of course they don’t……urrghhh. The game’s gone mad.”

The pair were dumped by Sky in the wake of the comments being made public, along with other unpleasant remarks – and then Keys called Massey-Ellis to apologise.

Setting My Stall Out

Before I give my opinion of this sorry affair, let me put a few facts on the table.

  • I live in Sweden where equality between the sexes has been institutionalised for over 50 years.
  • I am a former trade union rep who has been on equality courses in order to educate our older members. I understand what equality means.
  • I am someone who believes in equality between the sexes, races and, well, everyone!
  • I enjoy banter which might lead you to believe I don’t believe in equality.
  • I believe it’s not what someone says but how they act that matters.
  • I couldn’t give a rat’s arse who officiates football games. Men, women, aliens, fish or a dancing baboon. If they pass the exams to be a match official then that is all that matters.
  • We are losing our sense of humour as a nation.
  • We are not winning the war with political correctness, we are just driving it underground by forcing people to stay silent. People will still have their opinions, they are just ‘educated’ into not expressing them in public.

My View

To start with, I’m going to piss off all of you liberals reading this because I think most of this politically correct nonsense we have forced down our throat today is making us a nation of limp-wristed wimps who are too scared of saying what we think.

To start with they are not ‘assistant referees’, they are linesmen, the plural of linesman. If you really must, lineswomen or lineswoman. The man part means human being and wo part means female. So woman literally means female human being.

So many of these stupid arseholes who are trying to force us to change our language into ‘gender neutral’ expressions are actually trying to change an existing gender-neutral expression to another gender-neutral expression.

It is the minority demanding a change that does not need changing because people stupidly think man refers to men when in fact it means human being.

It’s much the same as the words actress and comedienne, they are two fairly recent made up words to pander to feminazis who wanted to differentiate themselves from men.

Any female actor or comedian of note insist on being called an actor and comedian because, to use their words, they don’t go in for all that politically correct nonsense!

The strange thing is we have one group of the loony left trying to make words all inclusive and the other half trying to set up separate categories for every minority you can think of.

If we are all the same, one big equal family then why do we need categories at awards for best actor, best actress, best black actor, best black actress and so on? It should just be the best actor. End of.

Or are that side of the loony left saying women can’t act as well as men so they need their own category? If there are quotas for black actors at next year’s Oscars is that the academy saying that black actors are not as good as white actors?

Of course, this is total and utter nonsense! Women can act as well as men and black actors can act as well as white actors. So why have categories and quotas for them? It’s like a handicap system to level the playing field. It’s belittling and I find it insulting to be told that as I don’t agree I have a problem. No, you have the fucking problem by segregating us!

The problem is while anyone with an ounce of sense in their head knows white, black, men, women, gay or straight all have the same value and should have the same opportunities in life. This isn’t up for debate!

If someone feels they can’t, for example, become a fireman because they incorrectly think the ‘man’ part of the word implies you have to be a male to do the job then I’d say intelligence is the biggest obstacle they have to overcome!

But people today have lost the meaning of what words like racism, sexism and equality really means. They overuse words because they are too lazy to use the correct word, they want to be over dramatic and it takes away the impact of a word.

For example. People say someone is being racist when they actually mean that someone is being bigoted, being discriminated against, being stereotyped or having a generalisation applied against them.

Yes, it really does matter that the correct word isn’t being used!

I’ve known black people accuse a white person of being a racist when said white person was married to a black woman and had mixed-race children. The black men didn’t know that at the time they accused the white guy of being racist.

It’s just so easy and lazy to throw out the racist/sexist card. Making a comment doesn’t make someone racist or sexist. Being against changing our language doesn’t make us homophobic, genderphobic or whatever other stupid phobia people want to throw around.

It might actually mean, prepare to be shocked, that we are more intelligent than the loony left because we understand the etymology of the language we speak!

Equality means that everybody should have the same opportunity regardless of race, colour, creed, sexuality, gender and so on. It is not including a black person or a woman on a comedy panel show because there hasn’t been one on for a week or two!

Equality means the best person for a position regardless of anything. The best person!

It does not mean the best black person ahead of 100 better-qualified white people. It does not mean the best woman before 100 better-qualified men!

All we are doing is making society worse by lowering standards and enforcing the image that women and ethnic minorities are lesser than men or white people by giving them special treatment or by box ticking.

How can the loony left look anyone in the eye and insist that we are all equal while at the same time giving certain sections of society a leg up and saying they need extra help?

It creates division, resentment and bad feeling.

We are all equal. We are all as good as each other. We all deserve the same treatment. We all deserve the same respect.

It’s about time the loony left, the liberal Nazis, learned what some words in the English language mean because they are making not only themselves stupid but dragging the rest of us along for the ride even if we are kicking and screaming.