Just Because It’s Legal It Doesn’t Mean It’s Okay!

When moving to a different country you have to get used to different customs, different laws and doing things in a different way. However, one thing I don’t think I will ever be able to get used to is people talking on their mobile phones while driving.

I am not talking about people using a hands-free kit, I am talking about people driving their vehicle and looking at their phones at the same time. This could be to read a text/email, reply to one or look for a contact to call.

In Sweden, it is not illegal to operate a mobile phone while driving a vehicle.

But it get’s worse than that. I have been in a car going down the motorway when the driver decided to answer her their phone. The trouble was the phone was in her their coat which was on the back seat of the car and while driving in traffic her the driver’s torso was turned 180 degrees looking for the phone.

I politely enquired what she they thought they were doing and if the call couldn’t wait. Both questions went unanswered.

That situation was bad enough, it is probably the most nervous I have been as a passenger, so can you imagine bus drivers doing the same thing?

Yes, I have regularly been a passenger on a bus, be it a city bus or a long distance coach, with the driver happily talking on his phone. Again, not a hands-free but holding the thing up to his ear.

Everybody else on the bus was unaware as to what was going on but as I try to sit in the seat adjacent to the driver I had a perfect view.

Usually, the first thing I notice is the bus edging towards the curb or side of the lane. This could be coupled by late-breaking or other erratic driving.

How or why are bus driver allowed to get away with endangering their passengers? It might be legal for car drivers to talk on their mobile phones but there should be a company rule for bus drivers.

It isn’t uncommon for transport workers to have a different law applied to them than normal road users.

Lorry drivers have a maximum amount of time they can drive before being required to have a break and train drivers have a different alcohol limit to car drivers. These are just two examples so why not have a different rule for bus drivers if the government refuse to change the rule for other road users?

All in all, just because something isn’t illegal it doesn’t mean common sense shouldn’t prevail and if you have one passenger, fifty or one hundred you shouldn’t be messing around with a mobile phone while driving!