My View on The New Doctor Who

Goodbye Peter Capaldi, hello Jodie Whittaker!

On Christmas Day, Peter Capaldi took his final bow as Doctor Who and regenerated into Jodie Whittaker to become the first female doctor in the show’s history.

It’s downhill all the way! (Cue Libtard outrage and accusations that I am a male chauvinist or a misogynist.)

Doctor Who Should Be A Man, End of!

Yes, that’s correct. The character was written to be a man and thus should be a man! I don’t buy into all this politically correct nonsense about making the character a female. Sure, I enjoyed The Master after regenerating into The Mistress (AKA Missy) but I saw that as a type of punishment for being so evil.

Like it or not a woman can’t be as authoritarian as a man can, which is also why a younger Doctor didn’t work when Matt Smith played the part. He came across as a smart arsed kid rather than a wise person with authority.

But that is not Matt Smith’s fault. I’ve liked him as an actor in other parts that I’ve seen him in and when interviewed on TV.

So, The Doctor Has To Be A White Male, Right?

No, wrong! I have no problem whatsoever with The Doctor being a person of colour or even having some alien-like features. The main point is that The Doctor is a male to keep the dynamic of the show.

I can only imagine we’re going to see a shed-load of lame jokes where men try to put The Doctor down because she’s a woman only for her to prove them all wrong leaving them in awe at how smart she is.

It’s almost the opposite to the drivel that we’ve been fed the last few seasons where The Doctor has been portrayed as a twat and his female companions act like the smart ones.

If the BBC are going to keep consistent then The Doctor will be bimbo (to fit in with her blonde hair) and her male companion will be smart and belittle her constantly.

Oops, that wouldn’t be conforming to the Liberal agenda now, would it?

If The BBC Were Serious…

If the BBC were serious about this new direction they are taking the show in then they should have cast an actor (yes, women are actors too, just ask Dame Judy Dench) who was less attractive than Jodie Whittaker. In keeping with the quirkiness of the role, they should have cast Jo Brand!

But no, the BBC cast an attractive actor and not only that they made her blonde! Yes, Whittaker’s natural hair colour is brunette and it does make a big difference!

Brunette v Blonde

Personally, I think Jodie Whittaker is an attractive woman with both hair colours. I’ve historically preferred brunettes but having been in a relationship for 10 years with a blonde, it really isn’t a deal-breaker for me!

Historically blondes always make more of a visual impact. I wouldn’t at all be surprised if Whittaker reverts to brunette once the public has become accustomed to her playing the character.

If I recall correctly, there have only been 2 blonde actors to play Doctor Who. Peter Davidson and Colin Baker, both of whom were not the most serious of doctors!

Dialects and The Doctor!

I have seen Jodie Whittaker in a number of roles, most recently the BBC drama Trust Me. She, like most actors, can play roles with different accents. It’s this, again, that presents a problem.

The Doctor shouldn’t have a discernable accent. Christopher Ecclestone kept his Manchester accent and Peter Capaldi kept his Scottish accent, it seemed to work for Capaldi but not for Ecclestone, and it seems Whittaker is keeping her accent.

After Whittaker regenerated into The Doctor she uttered just two words but it was clear she was using her Yorkshire accent and do you know who sprung to mind?

Bubbles from Absolutely Fabulous

Yes, Bubbles from Absolutely Fabulous played by Jane Horrocks because Whittaker had that same pitch and type of accent.

Serious Doctors

I confess to being a portly man in his mid-forties but even as a younger man in my mid-thirties, who was still portly, I wondered why the BBC cast actors who were obviously handsome to play The Doctor.

It could be said that Christopher Ecclestone was the least attractive, until Capaldi took over the role, but was by far the most accomplished actor. I liked Ecclestone and I liked Capaldi. I also liked Tennant and Smith, I just didn’t like what the writers have done to the role in order to turn it into something that ticks boxes.

If you look at the actors who played The Doctor before the reboot, none of them were lookers but they could all play the part. Doctor Who, like films and video games, has been taken over by visuals rather than good writing.

Back in the day, the series had to have good storylines because the visual effects were so terrible. The same can be said for film and definitely for video games. I have yet to find a video game today that has as much playability as some of the old ZX Spectrum or Commodore Amiga games.

Politically Correct Agenda

Now The Doctor has transformed, in the literal sense, from male to female and maybe even to gender neutral?I presume this is to tap into the current trend of people who think they are transsexual? Why does it seem today that society is bending over backwards to make the minority feel normal while at the same time making the normal feel like the unusual ones?

We’ve seen gay characters, both male and female, a man-on-man kiss, female-on-female romance and major hints that companions have fallen in love with The Doctor. None of these things belongs in a TV show aimed at children.

Doctor Who was never about sexualising the characters. The Doctor and companion relationships were always purely platonic. A kind of relationship someone has with an older uncle or, as in the first seasons, a grandfather.

Of course, in real life people are gay, people fall in love and people have rampant sex while contracting STDs but Doctor Who was never about any of that.

It was only ever about being a good person and having a good moral compass not ramming down our throats that we should accept the LGBT agenda. The more I get force fed something the more I rebel against it.

My Moral Compass

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m a ‘live and let live’ guy. People can do whatever they want with whomever they like as long as everyone consents and it is in the privacy of their own home.

I have gay friends, I have bi-sexual friends, I have lesbian friends and friends of all cultures. I see them as people, not their sexual preference or colour but they are not people who ram their agenda down people’s throats.

Sometimes people think they get treated differently because they highlight that they are different. They demand special treatment and it is a self-fulfilling problem.

I demand to be treated differently because I am different but I want you all to think of me as normal like everyone else. That doesn’t work, does it?

What About James Bond Being Jane Bond?

That would be funny! Can you imagine a female secret agent hopping into bed with everyone they meet? She would be labelled all the bad names you can think of. It just wouldn’t work!

My view is the same for Bond as it is for Who, the role was written to be for a man so it should be for a man! End of!

However, as with Doctor Who I have no problem with the role being given to a black actor, as long as they don’t try to make it hip and ‘black’. You know what I mean by that? That they don’t write the character to be some kind of street dancing guy who talks ‘gangster’ when on the street because all black people speak like that, don’t they?

Just because James Bond or Doctor Who might be played by a black actor it doesn’t mean their backstory has changed. Bond still went to a good school, was in the Navy and so on. He wasn’t from the hood.

So, What do I suggest To Appease The PC Brigade?

It’s quite simple really. If the powers that be think there is an audience for a female Doctor Who or female James Bond, give them their own franchise and see.

Doctor Who can either meet a female Time Lord (like Missy?) and do a spin-off as they did with Torchwood or something can happen which results in The Doctor splitting into two people. A spin-off would be made.

Why do they need to piggyback this onto Doctor Who’s name? Because it has such gravitas around the world! If they were to produce a show with a different or similar name, people would probably not tune in. We’ve seen this in the Star Trek world where they added Star Trek before the show’s title.

With James Bond, well, there are other 00 agents out there so why not just make the films like a franchise? Secret agent 004 could be a female. Why does it have to be taking over 007? Hell, they could make the other numbers whatever they like. Agent 002 could be gay, agent 009 could be gender neutral and agent 008 could be a quadriplegic double act with his/her carer.

If a moronic twat like me can think of these two simple solutions to keep everyone happy then why can’t they? Because they want to force their agenda down our throats!

So, What else?

It really annoys me when people have actors of different races or sex portray historical figures. For example, Winston Churchill as a black man or General Montgomery as a woman. Why do that?

People would never try to have Malcolm X or Martin Luther King portrayed by a white man. Imagine the suffragette Emily Pankhurst being portrayed by a man. It would never happen, it wouldn’t be allowed to happen.

Why mess with the classics or change historical figures to make them PC friendly? It is what it is, leave it at that and make new characters who are bigger and better. Or do they think that wouldn’t be popular?

Still, if nothing else casting a female Doctor will mean that the Libtards can feel heterosexual when they are masturbating over their favourite sci-fi character.