My Four Legged Friends – Molly The Cat

Molly is my oldest cat and is pretty unique

Cats, on the whole, get a bad reputation as being somewhat unsociable and loners. It’s not something I can agree with in my 21 years as a cat owner. However, the other parts of their reputation, that we are there to serve them I can certainly agree with.

Molly’s background

We got Molly from someone who sold puppies and kittens. It would be a stretch to call her a breeder, she was more someone who just let her animals got pregnant and then sold the resulting litters. I’m not knocking her, I just don’t think the term breeder is the correct term for what she does.

Molly was born in the summer of 2010 in a town called Åstorp, which is a little way out in the countryside. As Skåne is the flattest county in Sweden it is known to be mainly made up of mainly farms and it is said that it ‘feeds Sweden’.

So, Åstorp is a little like ‘hick central’ or, if you prefer, you can compare it to an average town in Suffolk or Norfolk. In other words, you can imagine how many fingers the average person from Åstorp has on each hand, why everyone seems to have the same surname and why they all look alike.

Picking a cat

All joking aside, the family offering the kittens were very nice and hospitable. They took a lot of time to talk to us and wanted to make sure we were going to offer the kitten a good home. That was important to us because too many people just don’t give a shit and that annoys the hell out of me.

As the new cat was mainly for my girlfriend (see below) I wanted her to choose one which ‘spoke’ to her but she couldn’t decide so it was up to me.

At the back of the little was a little tabby kitten who was being pushed out all the time by her siblings. She was a little beauty and I thought as she was a bit of an outcast that she’d fit right in, in our house.

I say the kitten was mainly for my girlfriend because at the time I had a 14-year-old cat who, to put it mildly, didn’t like my girlfriend. My cat didn’t like anyone who wasn’t me because for almost her whole life she had only lived together with me so she saw anyone else as stealing me away from her.

My girlfriend loves animals as much as me, maybe more and of course, this made her sad so I wanted her to have a cat who could give her the love that my cat gave me because all my cat gave her was a hiss and angry paw.


Having chosen our new kitten we thought about names as we walked back to the train station. My girlfriend decided on Molly and I was happy she did. I am useless with names or deciding anything that is permanent.

A couple of weeks later when Molly reached 12 weeks of age my girlfriend went to collect her with her sister. When Molly arrived home I held her for the first time and she fell asleep in my arms straight away.

Of course, it didn’t all go well. My cat and Molly didn’t get on too well. My cat never did have a maternal instinct but it never went as far as violence.

My cat and Molly never really saw eye to eye even though there were times when they played together. As my cat became elderly and weaker she felt intimidated and Molly was not as nice as she could have been but that is the animal kingdom for you. It wasn’t really violent, more intimidation and chasings.

But Molly has blossomed into a beautiful cat with big eyes and has her own unique quirkiness. For example, she won’t eat meat, chicken, turkey, fish or have cream. Molly’s guilty pleasures are bread and cheese! She’ll eat only one brand of cat food and even then only one selection of food that they produce.

Molly’s brand of choice is Pussi (Felix in the UK) and she will only eat the Duos pouches. Before Duos, it was Marinades which Duos replaced.

As a side note, Felix is a brand of ready-made meals in Sweden and I can’t help but think of cat food whenever I eat any of their products…